Sweet Pea Perfume Oil


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Fragrance: If you are looking for the best smelling Sweet Pea fragrance like I do, then look no further, you have found it. Our perfume oil that has been perfectly blended to leave that beautiful smell as you go about your day!*


About: We use high quality potent fragrance oils and are highly concentrated, long lasting, and absorb quickly without leaving any oily residue. We carefully blend sweet almond oil (a light, all-natural carrier) to create the perfect perfume oil for you! The slim bottles fit perfectly in purses, handbags, pockets, backpacks, and any other type of bag.


Weight: 0.33 ounce (10ml)


To Use: Unscrew the cap and apply perfume using the roller to neck and wrists.


Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil and Fragrance





*Important Disclosure: This product is not manufactured for, distributed by or in any way owned by or affiliated with Bath and Body Works, Limited Brands or any of their affiliated brands. This is a product that is manufactured by Penelope & Company as a “compare to” product and should not be confused with the popular national brand. Penelope & Company has absolutely no affiliation with Bath & Body Works or Limited Brands.


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