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Rose Bath Bomb


You will see an amazing color show of pink and organic crushed rose peddles in your bath. Love Spell is a Victoria Secret’s fragrance duplication.

Fragrance: Love Spell


To Use: Fill your tub with warm water and place the bath bomb in the bath. Agitation of the bath water will create bubbles and foam. At times, the bath bomb will fizz, bubble and move all around the bath. At any time enjoy and relax in your bath.


Care Instructions: To get the most out of your bath bomb, be sure to store your products in a cool, dry area with no direct sunlight for best results and longevity of the product and keep it in the plastic that it came in. Bath Bombs and Solid Bubble Bath have a shelf life of about 9-12 months.

When using a bath bomb, keep in mind that it can make your bathtub more slippery than normal, so use caution when entering or exiting your bath. If any residue is left behind, simply rinse your tub. Discoloration will only be temporary until cleaned with a multipurpose cleaner.


About: Each batch of bath bombs are made with love and made with my pretty little hands. Each will come individually shrink wrapped and labeled.


Weight: Approx 6 oz. Please note that all of our Bath Bombs are handmade & molded so actual weight may vary slightly.


Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, COT, SLSA, Fragrance Oil, Colorant, some bombs may have (Dried Flowers/Herbs).


♥ Detergent, Preservative and Paraben Free
♥ Vegan and Eco-Friendly
♥ Not Tested On Animals
♥ Small Batch Guarantee
♥ Most Important, Made With Love ♥

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Weight 6 oz


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