Bubble Gum Bath Bomb Machine


Fragrance: Bubble Gum Flavor. In 1928, Walter E. Diemer created the highly successful and familiar flavor of “bubble gum” that we know today. A childhood favorite, the Bubble Gum Flavor.  Remember that bright pink bubble gum that we all couldn’t wait to get our little sticky hands on from childhood – the one with the sweet, tempting smell and sugary goodness? Yes, this is it! Imagine bathing in it! Such a sweet and juicy aroma with notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple, banana, cherry, vanilla and orange citrus. Great for children and adults alike, these bath bombs are sure to make any adult turn into a kid at heart.  Definitely a best seller!


About: Every batch of bath bombs are created individually by me and each bath bomb comes individually shrink wrapped and labeled.


To Use: Fill your tub with warm water and nicely place the bath bomb in the water. Watch the color, fix and bubble show. Relax and soak while the bath bomb dissolves while releasing an effervescent scent of fragrance. This is a great way to relax after a long day! Even a great way to get the kid in the bath! Safe and fun for all ages!


Weight: Approx 15.0 oz. (total). Please note that each Bath Bomb is handmade so actual weight may vary slightly.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, SLSA, COT, Fragrance and Skin-Safe Colorants and Glitter.


NOTE: Please indicate at check out in the notes section the color of bubble gum machine that you would like. Otherwise, a color at random will be chosen for you, no returns, exchanges or exceptions!

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Weight 20.0 oz


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